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Spring Ahead is an online Supply Agency which is the hassle free, convenient and quick way to connect schools and staff. We aim to give schools full control over staff selection and connect them with supply staff significantly cheaper than can be sourced via a typical Supply Agency. Supply staff will also have full control over the work placements they accept and get paid higher rates than the market average!

Spring Ahead is easy to use and free to register. Once registered, Schools can search for available Supply staff and offer them work placements. Supply staff will receive the offer of work and can choose to accept or decline. This is done through the Spring Ahead website/app, it’s really that simple!

About us

What is it?

  • Online Teaching Supply Agency – Free to register
  • Quick and easy
  • No hassle, no phone calls, no problem
  • Schools save money
  • Schools have full control over Supply staff selection
  • Staff get paid more
  • Staff receive Continued Personal Development
  • Staff have full control over work placement selection
  • All staff are pre-checked (DBS and Medical)

“Spring Ahead has become my main source of supply teaching jobs and the great thing about it is I get paid more!”

Chris Elliott (Teacher)


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Case Studies

News & Insights

More Schools Sign Up

Since the site was launched we have managed to continue to add new schools which enables more opportunities for teachers.

App Coming Soon

As well as the launch of the new Spring Ahead website, we are delighted to announce that we will also...

New site is launched

A new website has been launched by the Wellspring Academy Trust that will make supply teaching easier for teachers and...